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I cannot find the answer to this anywhere and your help would so very much appreciated.
I was approved for social security disability at age of 57 even though they backdated it to when I was 55 and on a work ins disability. My full retirement age is 66 . That would be 7 months from now. I have never received a Cdr from ss. Do they do cdr reviews when it is so close to my full retirement date? Also could I just call in and tell them to give my my retirement ss now? If so what percentage of my ss retirement benefit will I lose. I have no doubt I have enough medical records so that a cdr would not be a problem but my old nerves have had enough

Thank You so much for your help,

Lynn replies: Take a look at my November 2,2010 post, which answers your question. Don't worry about this! You're very unlikely to undergo another review so close to your full retirement age.

When you have qualified and been in receipt of SSDI ( no matter at what age) your SSI will be exactly the same as if you have been working all this time. That is one of the critical benefits of qualifying for disability benefits. Good luck!

Great post Lynn! In the case of the husband on disability that will eventually turn into retirement benefits... won't he still need to apply in order to receive Medicare? I don't think the system will automatically enroll him without an application.

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